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Getting Started with a Vinyl Printer Cutter

A Vinyl Printer Cutter is designed for creating a variety of full color items from heat transfers and pressure sensitive stickers to banners, signs, and vehicle graphics. Vinyl Printer Cutters provide CMYK printing and contour cutting abilities while increasing both the speed and value of your production.

There are 5 important steps to take when getting started with a vinyl printer cutter system.

Step 1: Do You Have a Heat Press?

A heat press is the most important piece of equipment to decorate apparel. If you don’t already own a heat press, you’ll need to purchase one to heat apply designs that you’ve created with your vinyl printer cutter. Refer to our Heat Press Guide: How to Choose a Heat Press for help getting started with a heat press.

Heat Press Comparison Chart.

Step 2: Choose a Vinyl Printer Cutter

A vinyl printer cutter system allows you to cut any heat transfer vinyl, as well as print and cut full color designs. Once artwork is printed onto printable HTV material, the machine cuts around the design and can be masked for heat transfer application. The Roland® DG TrueVIS™ SG2-300 is the latest generation of vinyl printer cutter equipment and extremely user-friendly.

Step 3: Learn the Benefits of a Vinyl Printer Cutter

A vinyl printer cutter can take your apparel decoration business to the next level. With this equipment you can print full color graphics in-house and expand your production potential. Create vibrant, full color heat transfers on demand and set yourself apart from the competition.

Vinyl Printer Cutter Benefits:
  • Expand decoration ability: Produce full color items from apparel to signs, decals, and more.
  • Increase sales: Offer on-demand printing, small quantity orders, and add-on items.
  • Save time: Eliminate weeding and multiple application steps for detailed designs with two or more colors.
  • Dual functionality: Vinyl printer cutters can also double as a regular vinyl cutter for increased production on time-sensitive orders.

Schedule Online Demo Schedule an Online Demo

Step 4: Choose Your Design Software

You may already be experienced with Corel® or Adobe® software; if not, consider one of the following options for ready-to-use artwork:


CadworxLIVE™ features an online design studio and Easy Teams® creator for generating cut-able artwork, fast and easy. There are hundreds of predesigned layouts that feature editable text and clip art.

Great Dane Graphics

Full color raster images that can be customized and used with a vinyl printer cutter system are available from Great Dane Graphics. Monthly and annual subscriptions available.

Roland® DG TrueVIS™ SG2-300

  • Prints brilliant colors & high-quality graphics
  • Production and sales booster
  • Time saver & dual functionality

Step 5: Determine the Best Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

The material choice is typically based on the type of fabric of the garment/piece being decorated.

Be aware of polyester fabrics; they tend to bleed through. When decorating polyester fabrics, select SuperTEK™ Sublistop™ to inhibit dye migration.

For help with selecting the best material for your project, review this chart of popular material and fabric combinations.

Popular CAD-CUT® Heat Transfer Materials and Fabric Combinations
Best for Sports/
Performance Materials Lightweight Fabrics
Printable Material SuperTEK™ Sublistop™ SuperTEK™ Opaque CAD-COLOR® Express Print®
Benefits Inhibits dye migration Excellent stretch and recovery Versatile; great for light or dark fabrics
Suggested Fabric Types Polyester, Lycra®/
Polyester, Lycra®/

View All Material & Fabric Combinations

Make sure you have the equipment, accessories, and products needed to quickly get started with your print/cut system.

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