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How to Decorate Hockey Jerseys

Decorating made easy.

Learn about the appropriate sizes for hockey jersey letters and numbers, including the Captain's C and Alternate's A. Design great-looking jerseys by following the recommended heat transfer materials and application methods.

  • Jersey Fabric: Polyester
  • Heat Transfer Material: Poly-TWILL™ which requires sewing, Thermo-FILM® to block dye migration
  • Application:
    Poly-TWILL: 330°F for 10 seconds with medium pressure (#4)
    Thermo-FILM: 330°F for 6-8 seconds with medium pressure (#4)

Letter & Number Product Recommendation

  • Pre-Cut Numbers - most cost effective, available in 1 or 2-color
  • Pre-Spaced Text - pre-aligned on carrier for easy placement, available in 1 or 2-color

Letters & Numbers Placement

  • Numbers are generally worn on the sleeves and back of the jersey
  • Names are worn on the back


  • Use a heat transfer material that blocks dye migration if jerseys are dark-colored and polyester
  • Use a layout board to help with alignment when using pre-cuts for names
  • Varsity is the most popular font

Common Letter and Number Sizes

How to Decorate Hockey Jerseys -  Front How to Decorate Hockey Jerseys - Back
Youth Size Adult Size
Name 2" 3"
Front Number 3" 4"
Back Number 10" 10"
Sleeve / Shoulder Number 3" 4"
A or C 3" 4"

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