Poly-TWILL™ Polyester Twill Fabric

Perfect sewn option for creating jerseys.

Create custom appliqué designs with Stahls' 100% polyester twill material. It features a heat-activated adhesive to hold your design in place during sewing.
  • 100% polyester twill
  • Features a heat-activated adhesive to hold the design in place during sewing
  • Must be sewn to prevent fraying
  • 2-color designs, use PS Poly-TWILL as the foreground
  • Poly-TWILL is also available in 51" rolls
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Use Magic Mask® High Tack as a carrier to stabilize the material when cutting with a vinyl cutter.
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User Guide

1-Color Application Instructions

Time: 8-10 seconds
Temperature: 330°F/165°C
Pressure: Medium

Download Application Instructions

2-Color Application Instructions

Tack: Tack foreground to background with heat press or iron between two Reusable Cover Sheets.
Sew: Sew foreground to background before tacking to garment.
Final Application: Pre-press garment and tack your pre-sewn two-color lettering in place for final sewing.

Material/Fabric Compatibility

Tacking for 2-3 seconds will allow you to realign letters if any shifting has occurred.

A tight, zig-zag stitch or satin stitch is recommended for sewing Poly-TWILL.

Be sure to use a Heat Printing Pillow inside the garment to prevent marks on transfers and lettering.

Cutter Guidelines

Speed Blade ForceOffsetSpeed
GCC Twill Blade 150g0.22525 - 50 cm/s
Graphtec 45° 15125
Roland GX-24 Twill Blade 150g0.22525 - 50 cm/s
Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Everyone has questions. Tell us yours.

What is the difference between Perma-TWILL® and Poly-TWILL?
Perma-TWILL has an adhesive that forms a permanent bond to the fabric once it is heat applied, so there is no need to sew it. The adhesive on Poly-TWILL is used for tacking purposes only. It must be sewn to secure the design to the fabric.
What caused my material to bunch while cutting?
On a flatbed cutter, this may be caused by your adhesive sheets losing tackiness. Adhesive sheets should be replaced.
My cut tray is not moving for my Ioline 300. Do I need a repair?
Check to see if the small drive belt needs to be replaced.

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