How to Decorate Performance Garments

The latest trend in sportswear, performance garments are becoming more popular every day. With name brands like Under Armour®, Myogrid®, Nike®, SanMar Sport-Tek®, these synthetic materials are light, stretchable, and engineered for breathability, moisture wicking, and quick drying.

Common obstacles to decorating performance wear

  • Adhesion - Due to most performance wear being made of synthetic fabrics, not all heat transfer materials adhere properly.
  • Scorching - With high-temperature heat transfer materials, there is a risk of scorching or melting the synthetic fabrics used to make performance wear.
  • Heat Press Marks - The combination of high heat and high pressure can leave imprint marks on performance materials.

Heat printing accessories to make decorating performance wear successful:

Preformance Pad

Flexible Application Pad – This thin silicone rubber pad helps reduce the direct heat applied when decorating performance wear. Apply heat transfer materials for a longer duration at a lower temperature, reducing the risk of scorching and heat press marks.

Performance Cover

Silicone Upper Platen Cover - This silicone cover attaches to the upper platen of the heat press and helps reduce marks and indentations on heat-sensitive materials like polyester, neoprene, and spandex.


CAD-CUT® Premium Plus™: recommended for decorating moisture-wicking, stretchable fabrics.

  • Applies to a wide variety of materials
  • Applies at lower temperatures, reducing the risk of scorching
  • Excellent stretch and rebound properties
  • Light, with a soft hand

CAD-COLOR® TEK™ Digital Materials: developed specifically for sportswear and performance garments.

  • Adheres to almost any material
  • Is lightweight, with a soft hand
  • Offers exceptional stretch and rebound
  • Applies at a low temperature, making it safe for heat-sensitive fabrics

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