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How to Decorate Baseball Uniforms

Take the guesswork out of decorating baseball uniforms.

Learn how to select the best decorating options for baseball uniforms. Determine the most suitable heat transfer material as well as the correct sizing and placement options for letters and numbers.

High School, College, and Travel Leagues

  • Uniform Fabric: Polyester
  • Heat Transfer Material: Poly-TWILL™ which requires sewing, Thermo-FILM® to block dye migration
  • Application:
    Poly-TWILL: 330°F for 10 seconds with medium pressure (#4)
    Thermo-FILM: 330°F for 6-8 seconds with medium pressure (#4)

Recreation Leagues

  • Uniform Fabric: Polyester or cotton T-shirts
  • Heat Transfer Material: Thermo-FILM or Premium Plus™
  • Application:
    Thermo-FILM: 330°F for 6-8 seconds with medium pressure (#4)
    Premium Plus: 300-330°F for 8-12 seconds with medium pressure (#4)

Letter & Number Product Recommendation

  • Pre-Cut Numbers - most cost effective, available in 1 or 2-color
  • Pre-Spaced Text - pre-aligned on carrier for easy placement, available in 1 or 2-color


  • Check with appropriate division or league to verify numbering and lettering regulations.
  • Thermo-FILM is the best material for blocking dye migration.
  • Varsity is the most popular font.

Add-On Sales

  • When a customer orders front numbers for a jersey, ask if they'd also like numbers on the front of the pants of the uniform.
  • Ask if the league requires player names to be on the back of the uniforms.

Common Letter and Number Sizes

How to Decorate Baseball Jerseys - Front How to Decorate Baseball Jerseys - Back
Youth Size Adult Size
Name 2" 3"
Front Number 3" 4"
Back Number 6" 8"

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