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Experience Stahls' heat presses, heat applied products, cutters, and more in person at any of the many industry trade shows we'll be attending. Check out our hands-on demonstrations and speak with our knowledgeable sales staff at the Stahls' booth at a show near you. Our staff is eager to answer any questions you may have and to show you Stahls' latest innovations that will help your business grow.

StahlsTV Live Online Events

July 2014
Booth: NA

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StahlsTV Live Webinars will show you how the latest in heat printing technology and garment decoration trends, and teach you how to grow your business with the newest equipment and materials.

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Stahls' Heat Press Success Class
July 21st 11:00 am – 12:30 pm EDT

Hosted by Courtney Matlick, Stahls' CAD-CUT® Direct

With your new Hotronix® heat press, you can decorate thousands of items with thousands of different heat transfers. Stahls' and Stahls' Transfer Express® are the largest manufacturers of heat press machines and heat transfers in the US. This 2-hour class will make sense of the products they offer while showing you how to make money with your heat press.

In this class you will learn:
  • How to load virtually any item onto your heat press for decoration
  • Different cover sheets and when to use each one
  • How to choose the perfect heat transfer for your job
  • How to make money with number and letter personalization
  • How to heat apply bling effects
  • How to heat apply foil
  • How to make the most of your rhinestone transfer options
  • How to achieve fashionable finishes with distressed transfers
And more.

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Stahls’ Vinyl Cutter Success Class for Apparel Decoration
July 21st 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm EDT

Hosted by Courtney Matlick, Stahls' CAD-CUT® Direct

Did you just buy a vinyl cutter from Stahls' and now you're looking to make a return on your investment? Our Vinyl Cutter Success Class is exactly what you need.

In this class you will learn:
  • How to Land Jobs from Small Businesses
  • How to sell personalization to sports teams and groups
  • How to design and cut for promotional items
  • How to land jobs with spirit and cheer groups
  • How to choose the right material for the job
  • Common cutting mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Tips and Tricks for reducing waste and increasing profit
  • How vinyl cutting fits with other decorating methods
  • How your new vinyl cutter makes you a more complete decorator
  • How to elevate embroidery bids to win more sales
  • How to decorate performance wear
  • What you can make with your vinyl cutter
And more.

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Making CadworxLIVE® Work for You
July 22nd 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm EDT

Hosted by Josh Ellsworth, Stahls' CAD-CUT® Direct

CadworxLIVE® is the industry's first cloud-based design software for vinyl cutting. CadworxLIVE is filled with thousands of templates, fonts, and pieces of clipart. As a Stahls' customer, it's all yours and we want tto help you make the most of it.

In this class you will learn:
  • How to create art for vinyl cutting
  • How to take time out of the art creation process
  • How to increase profit with artwork design
  • The fastest way to design names and numbers for personalization
  • How to work with pre-designed templates
  • How to add effects to your art, like adding drop shadows and arches entire rosters with one click
  • How to size designs for your stock items
  • How to vectorize a customer's design to make it cuttable
  • How to design athletic tails and split front graphics
  • How to export designs for proofing and customer ideation
  • How to maximize your unlimited design storage space
  • How to cut by color and speed up the cutting process
And more.

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Heat Printing Performance Wear
July 24th 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT

Hosted by Josh Ellsworth, Stahls' CAD-CUT® Direct

Have you had problems decorating technical fabrics with traditional printing methods? Do you find yourself ruining shirts and saying no to jobs just because your customer wants an expensive garment?

Stahls' has solved the problem of printing on performance wear, and in this 1 hour class, we'll show you all the tips, tricks, and materials you'll need to make decorating performance wear a breeze.

You'll learn:
  • How to load performance wear onto your press for decorating
  • Different cover sheets and when to use each one
  • How to choose the perfect heat transfer for your job
  • How to virtually eliminate bruising on your garments
  • How to print special effects on performance garments
  • And more.

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Stahls' Canada National Tour

Jul 15 & 17
Booth: NA

Join us in Toronto!

Click "Details" for more information and a schedule of events.

Stahls' Canada National Tour 2014

Meet the Stahls' Canada team and learn how we can help your business grow. We'll have equipment demonstrations, samples of our materials, show specials, and giveaways.

You'll see Hotronix® and MAXX® heat presses in action, print/cut demonstrations with the Roland® BN-20, and CAD-CUT® heat transfer materials cut on a vinyl cutter. Plus, we'll show you what the Epson® SureColor® F2000 Direct-to-Garment Printer can do for you, and how GCC LaserPro Engravers can help you expand your business.

For attending the event, you'll receive a free souvenir T-shirt printed on the Epson F2000, as well as a sample of our Custom Embroidered Patches. Plus, you'll be entered to win a free Mini-Tee Sample Ring (a $75 value).

For full details or to register for free, visit our National Tour page.

Toronto - July 15th & 17th

ISS Las Vegas

August 3-5
Booth: 510

Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV

Visit our booth in Las Vegas to see what's new in heat printing, heat presses, DTG printing, and more!

Imprinted Sportswear Show

At ISS Las Vegas you'll see the latest in heat printing technology, like Hotronix® heat presses, Stahls' Equipment's selection of vinyl cutters and print/cut machines, and the Epson® SureColor® F2000 Direct-to-Garment printer.

You'll also be able to see, feel, and get samples of Stahls' products like CAD-CUT® heat transfer materials, CAD-PRINTZ® full color digital transfers, and new Stahls' TEK™ heat transfer materials.

Register on the ISS Las Vegas website.

Stahls' Speaker Presentations:

The Profitable World of Heat Printing
Courtney Matlick, Stahls' CAD-CUT® Direct
Sun, August 3 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Heat Printing 101 – The Ultimate Beginner's Guide
Courtney Matlick, Stahls' CAD-CUT® Direct
Tue, August 5 8:30 am – 10:00 am

Embroidery Mart East

August 15-16
Booth: 415

Music City Center
Nashville, TN

Come see the equipment and products that will help your business expand with heat printing.

Embroidery Mart East

See how you can help your embroidery business blossom with equipment like our selection of heat presses and vinyl cutters, as well as CAD-CUT® heat transfer materials.

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