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How to Decorate Baseball Uniforms

Take the guesswork out of decorating baseball jerseys. Find the best heat transfer material for your needs as well as the correct sizing and placement for your baseball jersey letters and numbers.

Common Letter and Number Sizes and Decorating Regulations:

Youth Size Adult Size
Name 2" 3"
Front Number 3" 4"
Back Number 6" 8"

Uniform Material:

Moisture wicking cool mesh polyester

Recommended Material for Heat Transfer Letters and Numbers:



330° for 10 seconds with medium pressure (#4)

Accessories Needed:

Reusable Cover Sheet

Numbers must be worn on the back, and may be no smaller than six inches.
Leagues may decide if players' names will be displayed on the backs of uniforms.


When a customer orders front numbers for a jersey, ask them if they'd like numbers on the front of the shorts or pants of the uniform. Since you'll already be ordering that size of number, this makes for an easy add-on sale.