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Custom CAD-CUT® Patterns Logos

Fashionable full color logos.

Get your customer's logo cut in CAD-CUT® Patterns heat transfer vinyl. Submit the vector design to be cut, choose from a wide variety of patterns in several popular categories, select from popular colors or choose your own color combination, and Stahls' will custom print and cut the logo for you.
  • Patterns are printed on lightweight, durable CAD-COLOR® Express Print®
  • Logos delivered already masked and ready to heat apply
  • Choose from a wide selection of patterns from our Stahls' Creative Studios, RealTree®, and Spectra® collections
  • Logos involving more than one material will be cut for butt registration - materials will not overlap
  • Estimate the cost of your custom CAD-CUT® design
  • Call 800.478.2457 to reorder
Order a Digital Color Chart to show customers all color options