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Compare Stahls' Decorating Services

New to the business? Looking to add product offerings without an expensive investment in equipment? Let Stahls' decorating services do the printing and cutting for you. From letters and numbers to one, two, and even full color logos, we'll help you customize and decorate apparel, promotional items, and more with just a heat press.

Stahls' decorating services are an easy and convenient alternative to adding a vinyl cutter or print/cut system to your business, and a great way to start out or expand your decorating business into new markets.

Review the chart below to choose the service that best fits your needs.

Download the Stahls' Decorating Comparison Chart
Decorating Services Benefits Artwork Layers/​colors
Pre-Cut Letters & Numbers Benefits
  • Popular choice
  • Great for personalizing
  • Most materials, colors, fonts available
Artwork Stahls' Fonts & Layouts Layers/​colors 1 or 2 Colors
Pre-Spaced Text & Numbers Benefits
  • Great for team orders
  • Great time saver
  • Arrives on a carrier for easy placement
Artwork Stahls' Fonts & Layouts Layers/​colors 1 or 2 Colors
CAD-CUT® Templates Benefits
  • Choose template, clipart, text, colors, and material
  • Easy way to create custom designs
  • Create designs with multiple lines of text
Artwork Wide variety of templates & clipart Layers/​colors 1 Colors
Any Word. Any Way.™ Benefits
  • Many customization options
  • Includes split front and tail options
Artwork Stahls' Fonts & Layouts Layers/​colors 1, 2, or 3 Colors
Custom Cut Logos Benefits
  • Perfect for when using your customer's logo
Artwork Your Artwork Layers/​colors 1, 2, or 3 Colors
Custom Digital Logos Benefits
  • Unlimited, full colors logos
  • Applies to hard to decorate fabrics
  • One layer of material
Artwork Your Artwork Layers/​colors Full Colors

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