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Vinyl Cutters

Cut heat applied graphics in-house.

Vinyl cutters are the equipment choice for do-it-yourself production of heat transfer graphics. Use them with heat transfer material or transfer paper to create one-of-a-kind designs for apparel or for personalized print-on-demand orders.

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  • Superior tracking
  • Create signs and decals
  • $1250

GCC Jaguar IV

Go GCC Jaguar IV
  • User-friendly
  • Up to 24" cutting width
  • $2090


Go GCC RX-61
  • Great for sign makers
  • Detects registration marks
  • $2845

Graphtec CE6000

Go Graphtec CE6000
  • Fast, accurate cutting
  • Reliable material tracking
  • $1745

Graphtec FC8600

Go Graphtec FC8600
  • Exceptional cutting force
  • Adjustable roller pressure
  • From $3295

Roland® GS-24

Go Roland<sup>®</sup> GS-24
  • 350g of Blade force
  • Overlap and overcut features
  • $1795

Roland® GX Pro Series

Go Roland<sup>®</sup> GX Pro Series
  • Ideal for advanced users
  • Contour cut pre-printed graphics
  • From $3695

Roland® GX-640

Go Roland<sup>®</sup> GX-640
  • Ideal for large-format jobs
  • Latest DC servo motor technology
  • $6995
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Questions & Answers

Everyone has questions. Tell us yours.

Why are designs not cutting smoothly and leaving ragged edges?
First, check that your blade does not need to be replaced, then verify that you are using the proper cutting guidelines for the material you are cutting. If this doesn't solve the problem, it could be the amount of nodes in the design. To reduce the number of nodes in a design you will need to use your graphics program's node edit tool.
How do I cut backgrounds on my vinyl cutter?
Creating a background layer will involve using a contour tool within a graphic art program. In CorelDRAW®, for example, use the Interactive Contour Tool to create additional layers to the outside of the original object. Keep in mind, when cutting a background layer you will need to perform test cuts and adjust the cutting specifications the same way you would cut a foreground layer.
What caused my material to bunch while cutting?
On a vinyl cutter, be sure the pinch rollers are locked down, securing the edges of your material to allow for continuous feed.
Why must I change my cutter settings when I put in a new color of material?
Although the product may remain the same, the composition may vary from color to color, making some thicker or thinner than others. We suggest doing a test cut each time a new roll is put into your cutter.
My cutter won’t cut after the job was sent from my computer. What could be the problem?
Check to see that your cables are securely connected from the computer to the cutter. If that doesn't work, consult your owner's manual.
My cut tray is not moving for my Ioline 300. Do I need a repair?
Check to see if the small drive belt needs to be replaced.

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