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Product Quick Look
Quick Look


  • Best heat transfer vinyl for long-lasting foil embellishments
  • Create multiple effects
  • Easy application

Available In:

12" Wide Rolls
Heat Transfer Foil

Heat Transfer Foil

Amazing Screen Print-Like Foils

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Material Overview

Create attention-getting designs including custom foil vinyl patterns and two-tone looks with Heat Transfer Foil. Add a metallic finish for a fashionable effect on any garment or promotional piece.
  • For long-lasting foil applications, use with CAD-CUT® Adhesive
  • Not recommended for use as a base layer in multi-color designs.

Material Specifications

User Guide

Heat Transfer Foil

Application Instructions

Application Instructions

8-10 seconds
Firm (60-70 psi)

Print/Cut Instructions

  1. Cut design from CAD-CUT® Adhesive, with adhesive side facing up
  2. Weed away excess material and follow Adhesive application instructions
  3. With colored side facing up, lay a slightly larger piece of Foil over applied design
  4. Use a cover sheet and follow Foil application instructions
  5. Once peeled, Foil adheres to the Adhesive only

Top 3 Reasons to Buy: CAD-CUT® Adhesive with Heat Transfer Foil


Learn about one of the best heat transfer combos on the market in CAD-CUT® Adhesive vinyl and Heat Transfer Foil. These two products work great together and make it very easy to add a special effect look on to your garments. Watch as Josh highlights the top 3 reasons why you should consider these products and how they can best be used for your business. To order CAD-CUT® Adhesive today simply click the link here Also, you can order any color of Heat Transfer Foil online as well by shopping here

How to Decorate Apparel with Heat Transfer Foil


Metallic and foil finishes are extremely popular in apparel design but can be intimidating to create. This class will help you feel confident adding heat transfer foil as part of your product offering. In this video, Stahls' TV educator, Josh Ellsworth, teaches apparel decorators about CAD-CUT® Adhesive and Heat Transfer Foil, including how to create multi-color foil finishes, distressed designs, and predictable patterns. You can order Heat Transfer Foil rolls by visiting us here Don't forget your CAD-CUT® Adhesive available at -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Liked this video? Then please watch: "5 Cool Ways to Use Heat Transfer Foil & Adhesive" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Connect with us online: Facebook: Instagram: Stahlsheatprinting Pinterest: Twitter: @StahlsIDDirect For more heat printing tips and tricks, connect with Stahls’ Blog at -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Liked this video? Then please watch: "5 Cool Ways to Use Heat Transfer Foil & Adhesive" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-