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Product Quick Look
Quick Look


  • Best adhesive for foil embellishments
  • For use with vinyl cutter
  • Handles fine details on intricate designs

Available In:

11.8" or 20" Wide Rolls
CAD-CUT® Adhesive

CAD-CUT® Adhesive

For Long-Lasting Foil Embellishments

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Material Overview

Heat transfer foils are known for being short-term embellishments when added to transfer papers and plastisol inks. This heat transfer foil adhesive solves that problem, permanently binding the foil, giving foil-embellished designs a long life. Laser cutter compatible.
Use with Stahls' Heat Transfer Foil to create eye-catching designs.
Create a design from our library of CAD-CUT® Templates, clipart, and fonts - we'll cut it for you! Available in a variety of CAD-CUT materials, including Adhesive.

Material Specifications

  • Easy, inexpensive way to create high-end fashion wear
  • No need to screen print a base layer for foil - just cut, apply, and foil
  • Arrives on a carrier for use with your vinyl cutter
  • Handles fine detail for intricate foil embellishments
  • Available in 20" and 11.8" (the same width as most heat transfer foils) rolls
  • Safety: CPSIA Compliant
  • Laser cutter compatible
User Guide

CAD-CUT® Adhesive

Application Instructions

Adhesive Application

3-5 seconds
Light (20 psi)

Foil Application

8-10 seconds
Firm (60-70 psi)

Print/Cut Instructions

  1. Cut design from CAD-CUT® Adhesive, with adhesive side facing up
  2. Weed away excess material and follow Adhesive application instructions
  3. With colored side facing up, lay a slightly larger piece of Foil over applied design
  4. Use a cover sheet and follow Foil application instructions
  5. Once peeled, Foil adheres to the Adhesive only

Care Instructions

Machine wash inside-out using mild detergent.
Do not use bleach. Dry at a normal dryer setting on household machines. Do not dry clean.


Store in a cool and dry area around 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit with 50% relative humidity. Keep away from direct heat, sunlight and humidity. Recommended shelf life is one year.

Material/Fabric Compatibility

Cutter Guidelines

Roland GS-24
Note: Always test cut prior to any production run. For optimal cutting and weeding, maintain a line thickness of at least 1/16" for lettering & logos.

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