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Product Quick Look
Quick Look


  • Best heat transfer vinyl for long-lasting foil embellishments
  • Create multiple effects
  • Easy application

Available In:

12" Wide Rolls
Heat Transfer Foil

Heat Transfer Foil

Amazing Screen Print-Like Foils

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Material Overview

Create attention-getting designs including custom foil vinyl patterns and two-tone looks with Heat Transfer Foil. Add a metallic finish for a fashionable effect on any garment or promotional piece.
  • For long-lasting foil applications, use with CAD-CUT® Adhesive
  • Not recommended for use as a base layer in multi-color designs.

Material Specifications

  • 26 colors available
  • Available sizes: 12" x 25'; 12" x 200'
  • Safety: CPSIA Certified
User Guide

Heat Transfer Foil

Application Instructions

Application Instructions

8-10 seconds
Firm (60-70 psi)

Print/Cut Instructions

  1. Cut design from CAD-CUT® Adhesive, with adhesive side facing up
  2. Weed away excess material and follow Adhesive application instructions
  3. With colored side facing up, lay a slightly larger piece of Foil over applied design
  4. Use a cover sheet and follow Foil application instructions
  5. Once peeled, Foil adheres to the Adhesive only

Top 3 Reasons to Buy: CAD-CUT® Adhesive with Heat Transfer Foil


Learn about one of the best heat transfer combos on the market in CAD-CUT® Adhesive vinyl and Heat Transfer Foil. These two products work great together and make it very easy to add a special effect look on to your garments. Watch as Josh highlights the top 3 reasons why you should consider these products and how they can best be used for your business. To order CAD-CUT® Adhesive today simply click the link here Also, you can order any color of Heat Transfer Foil online as well by shopping here