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CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™ Heat Transfer Material

Ideal for cheer and spirit wear.

Glitter Flake heat transfer material is the most popular option for creating special effects. When light pink Glitter Flake is applied to dark fabrics, it becomes iridescent.
Tip: The Glitter Flake Multi-Pack is great way to sample Glitter Flake.
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Glitter Flake

Application At A Glance
  • Time
    10-15 seconds
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Peel

Care Instructions

CAD-CUT Glitter Flake has a textured surface that may cause some fabrics, such as polyester and cotton fleece, to snag or pill during laundering. Hand wash and hang dry for best results.

Cutting Notes

Always test cut prior to any production run. Cutter settings will need to be adjusted as the blade ages. For optimal cutting and weeding, maintain a line thickness of at least 1/16” for lettering & logos.

Cutter Guidelines

Cutter Blade ForceOffsetSpeed
GCC 45°/60° 200-210g/160-200g.25 / .5025 - 50 cm/s
Graphtec 45° 10 - 25130
Roland GX-24 45° / 60° 200-210g/160-200g.25 / .5025 - 50 cm/s

Multi-Color Designs

Not recommended for multi-layer applications.

Looking for ideas on creating multi-color designs without layering? Watch this video to learn about the nesting technique "How to Sell More with Multi-Color Bling Designs" on the video tab for ideas.

Please Note:

Due to the combination of fabrics, weaves, coatings, and dyes used in the textile industry, Stahls’ recommends and provides heat transfer material samples for testing.

Please Note: When Light Pink Glitter Flake is applied to dark-colored fabrics, the light pink color becomes iridescent.


  • Mixing silver glitter flake with a darker silver color, such as black/silver or the light multi, makes the regular silver color look white.

Glitter Flake

The first lab-certified heat transfer material in the industry.

Stahls' is the first company in the imprinted sportswear industry to have a rigorous lab certification process. This ensures the highest quality materials to meet the needs of all of your real-world applications. Depending on the material, we run tests based on these parameters: safety, durability, and performance. The materials are rated on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest rating.

Lab Certified


Microns vary by color, approx. 325.


  • Stretchability Rating 3
  • Washability Rating 50
  • CPSIA Safety Rating


Store in a cool, dry area. For best results, keep material away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity.

Questions & Answers

Everyone has questions. Tell us yours.

My cutter won’t cut after the job was sent from my computer. What could be the problem?
Check to see that your cables are securely connected from the computer to the cutter. If that doesn't work, consult your owner's manual.
Why must I change my cutter settings when I put in a new color of material?
Although the product may remain the same, the composition may vary from color to color, making some thicker or thinner than others. We suggest doing a test cut each time a new roll is put into your cutter.
Why is it necessary to pre-heat a garment before heat applying?
Pre-heating your garment removes the chemicals and moisture that may be in the garment due to manufacturing. Also, pre-heating assures a wrinkle free surface for heat application.
What is the difference between CAD-CUT® Glitter and Glitter Flake™?
Glitter has a glittery appearance and smooth finish vs. the textured fabric-like finish on Glitter Flake.

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