CAD-CUT<sup>®</sup> Heat Transfer Material
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Use heat transfer materials with your vinyl cutter to customize a variety of apparel including sports jerseys, T-shirts, performance apparel, bags, jackets and more!

The CAD-CUT® Shipping Guarantee means all your CAD-CUT materials will arrive in 2 days for the price of ground.

Order online and save up to 25% off of regular prices, in addition to your Trade Discount.

For unique vector clip art that's easy to cut and weed, try Stahls' CutUps™ or use CadworxLIVE® online designer.

#1 for Cotton/Poly Team Uniforms

Soft, Lightweight for Cotton/Poly

Soft, Stretchable for Cotton/Poly

20" Wide Economy Choice

Hot Seller - Raised, Suede-Like Finish, 19 Colors

Hot Seller - Durable, Metallic Finish

Hot Seller - Brilliant Glitter Texture

Hot Seller - Meets High Visibility Standards

High-Visibility Neon Finish

Smooth Glitter Finish

9 Reflective Colors!

Glows Lime Green in the Dark

Prism-Like Effect

Unique Two-Tone Finish

Economical Choice for Reflective

#1 for Nylon Team Uniforms

Soft, Lightweight for Nylon

Soft, Stretchable for Nylon

15" Wide Economy Choice

Mesh Holes for Better Breathability

High-Density Textured Pebble Finish

Smooth, High-Gloss Patent Leather Finish

Velvet-Like Texture

Pressure Sensitive Backing for Easy Placement

Create Custom Appliqué Designs, Must Be Sewn

Create an Appliqué Look, for Use with Laser Cutters

Great for Backing Weeded Designs

Questions & Answers

Everyone has questions. Tell us yours.

Can I apply heat transfer materials to items that have zippers, buttons, or heavy seams?
Yes. Using a Heat Printing Pillow or Print Perfect Pad will ensure even pressure when working around zippers, buttons, heavy seams, or mesh reversible jerseys.
When I press two-color numbers (pre-cut Thermo-FILM) onto a uniform the top number will come off after a few washes. Is there something I can do to prevent that?
Under-application is the main cause of a foreground falling off of a background. Over-application is not usually the cause. Proper application is: background at 330 degrees for 2 seconds medium pressure, then foreground at 330 degrees for 8-10 seconds at medium pressure.
What is the PMS color of Thermo-FILM?
You can find the Pantone® colors (or PMS color) on the Thermo-FILM® product page.
What product should I use for application to polypropylene bags?
Our recommended heat transfer materials for polypropylene are Premium Plus and Express Print. Both have been tested and approved for successful application by our labs.
Can I heat apply onto sublimated jerseys?
Yes, we recommend doing so using Thermo-FILM® at a reduced temperature. Thermo-FILM will block any dye migration. Thermo-FLOCK® is also a suitable choice.
What product is best for application to sublimated garments?
Thermo-FILM® is the #1 recommended product for blocking dye migration on sports uniforms. Thermo-GRIP® and Thermo-FLOCK® offer superior blocking of dye migration as well.

All have a special adhesive that blocks the dye from penetrating through to the surface of the film or flock fibers.

For full color designs, try Sub Block. It's specifically made to block dye migration from sublimated polyester fabrics.
I order materials by the yard, but the rolls are too long for my GX-24. Did I do something wrong?
You should be using CAD-CUT® heat transfer material with your vinyl cutter. These materials have a clear carrier and the widths are compatible with the GX-24.

Materials By the Yard are rolls that must be hand cut or used with a flatbed cutter. This material does not have a carrier backing and is typically too long for a vinyl cutter.

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