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How to Decorate Hats

Why decorate hats?

Whether you decorate t-shirts, team uniforms, or corporate wear, hats are a great add-on sale. Heat printing hats is a fast, clean, and easy decorating process. Hats can be embellished with rhinestones, customized with logos, or personalized with names or player numbers. Hats can be sold as a promotional item along with company or sponsor apparel, as fashion wear, and, of course, to accompany sports uniforms and booster gear – all you need is a cap heat press.

Types of Hats

Hat decorating goes beyond just printing a design on the front of a six-panel cap. The front, back, and brim of almost any hat can be decorated, and there are many types of hats in which your customers will be interested. Below is a list of hats that can be decorated with a cap press.

• Knit Hat • Ball Cap • Visor • Cowboy Hat • Fedora
• Beret • Bucket Hat • Straw Hat • Beanie • Newsboy
• Kufi • Skull Cap • Military Hat • Safari Hat • Headband Ear Muffs

Most Popular Areas for Hat Decoration

High Profile:
Front – 2.25"H x 5"W
Side – 1"H x 3.25"W
Back – 1"H x 2.75"W
Bill – 2"H x 5.50"W

Low Crown:
Front – 1.75"H x 4"W
Side – 1"H x 2.25"W
Back – 1"H x 2.75"W
Bill – 2"H x 5.50"W

Mid Profile:
Front – 2"H x 5"W
Side – 1"H x 2.50"W
Back – 1"H x 2.75"W
Bill – 2"H x 5.50"W

Front – 1.50"H x 5"W
Side – 1"H x 4"W
Bill – 2"H x 5.50"W

Low Profile:
Front – 1.75"H x 4"W
Side – 1"H x 2.50"W
Back – 1"H x 2.75"W
Bill – 1.75"H x 5.50"W

Products for Hat Decoration

Several of our product lines can be used to make great-looking, inexpensive hats.

CAD-PRINTZ™ Cap Sized Logos – Any size of CAD-PRINTZ logo can be used, as long as it fits on the cap. Small logos are very inexpensive, making them perfect for low-quantity and personalization orders. Just upload your artwork and order!

Text Effects – Use eye-catching fill effects for school names, personal names, or any organization or city you can think of. Text effects can be ordered for areas as small as 1" x 4.75".

SimStitch® - The 2" letter height is perfect for short words or acronyms, such as USA, RHS, or UCLA. Select from 18 colors of Perma-Twill™.

Pre-Spaced Text – Available in a variety of heat transfer materials, including Reflective, Glitter, Neon, and Electric, 5/8" or 1" letters will help make your cap stand out.

Team Perfect™ ¾" Size for Caps – Great for school names or player numbers combined with sport-specific images, Team Perfect cap designs can be ordered up to 3.5" in length, up to 2.5" in height.

ZIPP Weed™ – Available in six Thermo-FILM® and Thermo-GRIP®colors, 5/8" and 1" ZIPP Weed letters are affordable and easy to weed. It can cost as low as $.80 to decorate small quantities of personalized caps.

Pre-Cut Letters and Numbers - There are several font styles and sizes that are available for Pre-Cut Letters and Numbers, including: Pro Block (1" and 2"), Varsity (2"), Tiffany (2"), Cooper (3/4" and 1 1/2"), Jiminy Cricket (1 1/8"), Mini Script (1"), Old English (1" and 2"), Pocket (5/8"), and Standard Script (2").

These fonts and sizes are available in a wide range of materials.


Hat Opportunities

The possibilities for decorated hats are endless, here are some possible uses:

Sports Academic
Business/Promotional Events
Baseball School Bands/Choir Landscaping Family Reunions
Softball Academic Clubs Snow Removal Charity Events
Golf Chess Club Construction Golf Outings
Tennis Leadership Council Delivery Services Poker Tournaments
Beach Volleyball Cheer Camp Bars Boat Trips
Marathons Booster/Fan Wear Restaurants Boat Races
Triathlons Boy Scouts Marinas Rodeos
Rowing Regattas Girl Scouts Campgrounds Monster Truck Rallies
    Family Fun Centers  
    Fitness Centers  
    Hardware Stores  
College Public Safety
Fraternities Military Gift Shops  
Sororities Fire Patriotic Designs  
Honorary Societies EMS Holidays  
Club or Intramural Sports Police Novelty