Hotronix® Heat Press Platens

Quick change heat press platens make your job easier!

Quickly change platens on the Hotronix Auto Clam, Fusion™, and Air Swinger heat presses according to what you're decorating.

Interchangeable platens make it easy to decorate items that may not fit comfortably on the original platen.

Available in five sizes.

Introducing the Fusion Sleeve/Leg Platen.
Perfect for decorating sleeves and legs, this 6" x 20" platen fits on the Hotronix Fusion™ family of heat presses and includes a Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector for even easier threading of garments.

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Standard Garment Heat Press Platens - Hotronix

7" Bagger

Ideal platen for use on gym bags and items that require a round printing surface. Sturdy base made from aluminum with a 3/8" thick silicone pad. Quickly installs by loosening two bolts and slipping the new platen into place.

6" x 10" Shortstop

Great for printing youth garments and smaller items. Sturdy base made from aluminum with a 3/8" thick silicone pad. Quickly installs by loosening two bolts and slipping new platen into place.

8" x 10" Tote Master

Perfect for printing items that require a smaller printing surface. Durable aluminum base with 3/8" silicone pad. Easy installation by removing two bolts, inserting new platen, and tightening bolts.

Set of 3 - Best Value!

Set of Platens. Includes 7" round, 6" x 10", and 8" x 10" platens.

11" x 15" MVP

The more slender 11" x 15" design makes it easy to thread smaller women's and children's apparel. Also great for longer names and designs.

6" x 20" Fusion Sleeve/Leg

The elongated 6" x 20" design is perfect for decorating sleeves, legs, and other long, slender items. Fits on the Fusion family of heat presses. Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector included.

Questions & Answers

Everyone has questions. Tell us yours.

The heat platen on my Fusion is very loose. Should I tighten it?
The upper platen on most Hotronix® heat presses is designed to "float," which will make it appear to be loose. This is part of the design, allowing for even pressure.
I would like a custom platen. How much do they cost?
Custom platen costs are based on the type of customization that is needed. You can contact Stahls' Hotronix® directly at 800-727-8520 for price inquiries or a quote.

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