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How To Brand Items Easily Without A Heat Press


Uploaded on 2022-06-27T18:00:04Z

Learn about the easiest way you can create custom-branded items for your business without ever having to use or buy a heat press. Join Kelly as she shows how you can use our pressure-sensitive 3D patches and emblems to decorate a wide array of hard goods for your brand or for a customer. Normally people think they can only use 3D decals with a heat press machine, but that's not the case with the various types of emblems, patches, and decals available on

So whether you're looking to decorate mugs, candles, custom cases, or any other branded item you'll find that these pressure-sensitive emblems are the perfect solution for you!

FlexStyle Emblems -
3D Embroidred Patches -
Leather Patches -
Embroidered Patches -

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