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Craft Cutters

Stahls' has tested settings for these major craft cutter brands. Always perform a test to ensure a quality cut.

Brother Scan N Cut

Heat Transfer Vinyl Blade Speed Pressure
Adhesive 2 3 2
Chalkboard 3 5 4
Chroma Bling 3 5 4
Fashion-FILM 2 3 2
Flock II 4 4 5
Glitter Flake 3 3 6
Glow 2 5 4
Hi-Vis Color Reflect 3 4 5
Hologram 3 3 6
Metallic 3 4 5
Premium Plus High/Low Tack 3 4 5
Reflective II 3 5 4
UltraWeed 2 3 2

Silhouette Cameo

Heat Transfer Vinyl Material Type Blade Speed Force
Adhesive HTV-Smooth 2 4 2
Chalkboard HTV-Smooth 3 8 16
Chroma Bling HTV-Smooth 4 5 24
Fashion-FILM HTV-Smooth 2 4 2
Flock II HTV-Flocked 3 5 33
Glitter Flake HTV-Flocked 4 4 18
Glow HTV-Smooth 2 4 2
Hi-Vis Color Reflect None 6 8 16
Hologram HTV-Smooth 4 4 18
Metallic None 3 5 20
Premium Plus High/Low Tack None 3 4 2
P.S. Glitter Adhesive HTV-Smooth Autoblade 8 4
P.S. Sign Vinyl HTV-Smooth Autoblade 8 10
Reflective II None 6 8 16
Reflective Glitter HTV-Smooth Autoblade N/A 33
Soft Flock HTV-Flocked Deep cut 5 33
Soft Foam HTV-Smooth Deep cut 5 33
T-Shirt PRO HTV-Smooth Autoblade 6 8
UltraWeed HTV-Smooth 2 4 2
UV Shift HTV-Smooth Autoblade 8 13

GCC I-Craft

Heat Transfer Vinyl Offset Speed Force
Adhesive .25mm 15 cm/s 105g
Fashion-FILM .25mm 15 cm/s 105g
Flock .25mm 15 cm/s 135g
Glitter Flake .25mm 15 cm/s 135g
Hologram .25mm 15 cm/s 155g
UltraWeed .25mm 15 cm/s 105g


Heat Transfer Vinyl Blade Setting
Adhesive Standard Iron-on
Chalkboard Standard Iron-on
Chroma Bling Standard Iron-on+
Fashion-FILM Standard Iron-on
Flock II Standard Iron-on
Glitter Flake Standard Iron-on+
Glow Standard Vinyl
Hi-Vis Color Reflect Standard Iron-on
Hologram Standard Light Cardstock
Metallic Standard Vinyl
Premium Plus High/Low Tack Standard Iron-on
P.S. Glitter Adhesive Fine Point Glitter Vinyl
Reflective II Standard Iron-on
Reflective Glitter Fine-Point Light Cardstock
Soft Flock Deep cut Vinyl+
T-Shirt PRO Fine point Iron-on
UltraWeed Standard Iron-on
UV Shift Fine Point Iron on

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