Hotronix® Original Heat Press Platens

Platens for Pre-2014 Garment Heat Presses

Quickly change platens on the Hotronix Auto Clam, Hover Press™, Draw Press, Air Swinger, and MAXX® Clam heat presses according to what you're decorating.
Identifying your platen:
    Use Original heat press platens for machines that carry a pre-2014 born-on date. These platens attach to heat press with bolts and require a wrench for installation. For newer heat presses, see our Quick Change Heat Press Platens page.
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  • Interchangeable platens
  • Available in 5 sizes
Platen Sizes
  • 7" Round

    Ideal platen for use on gym bags and items that require a round printing surface. Sturdy base made from aluminum with a 3/8" thick silicone pad. Quickly installs by loosening two bolts and slipping the new platen into place.

    7" Round
  • 6" x 10"

    Great for printing youth garments and smaller items. Sturdy base made from aluminum with a 3/8" thick silicone pad. Quickly installs by loosening two bolts and slipping new platen into place.

    6" x 10"
  • 8" x 10"

    Perfect for printing items that require a smaller printing surface. Durable aluminum base with 3/8" silicone pad. Easy installation by removing two bolts, inserting new platen, and tightening bolts.

    8" x 10"
  • Set of 3 - Best Value!

    Set of Platens. Includes 7" round, 6" x 10", and 8" x 10" platens. (Set not available for the Air Swinger heat press).

  • 11" x 15"

    The more slender 11" x 15" design makes it easy to thread smaller women's and children's apparel. Also great for longer names and designs.

    11" x 15"
  • 6" x 15" Shoe

    Print designs up to 2" x 4" on the sides of most popular youth and adult size shoes. Can also be used for application on footwear with collapsible heels, such as sandals. Use of a countertop or pedestal Heat Press Caddie™ is recommended when decorating shoes. Flexible Application Pads are an indispensable accessory for printing on shoes. Don't forget to pick one up!

    6" x 15" Shoe

Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Everyone has questions. Tell us yours.

The heat platen on my FUSION® heat press is very loose. Should I tighten it?
The upper platen on most Hotronix® heat presses is designed to "float," which will make it appear to be loose. This is part of the design, allowing for even pressure.
I would like a custom platen. How much do they cost?
Custom platen costs are based on the type of customization that is needed. You can contact Stahls' Hotronix® directly at 800-727-8520 for price inquiries or a quote.

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