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Chipply collage of sports images and logo

Heat Print On Demand Made Simple

Automate Your Business with Chipply

The STAHLS’ partnership with Chipply empowers decorators to heat print on demand. Through an integration with UltraColor MAX™ DTF transfers, Chipply users can instantly connect to their STAHLS’ Artwork Dashboard for a seamless custom transfer ordering workflow.

Chipply is a popular e-commerce platform designed so apparel decorators, team dealers, and corporate suppliers can easily set up and operate custom online stores. Chipply eliminates manual ordering and fully automates order management. From building uniquely branded sites and sourcing blanks to generating invoices, coordinating production, and scheduling shipping, the entire process is streamlined so you can run your business with confidence.

There’s no need for paperwork, manual data entry, or taking inventory. Use Chipply to simplify your ordering, maximize your time, and leverage heat printing with DTF transfers for a scalable, on-demand solution for custom apparel.

Ecommerce Made Simple

Setup custom online stores, offering consistent pricing, and generate mockups in minutes.

No Manual Data Entry

The integrated blank apparel with live inventory and streamlined UltraColor® Max DTF ordering eliminates manual tasks.

Accurate Fulfillment

Automated work orders and an intuitive user dashboard allows you to organize and track orders from order acquisition to shipping.

What CHIPPLY Customers Say