U.S. Army Officially Licensed Transfers

Designs to show support.

Help customers show their support with these great-looking designs that showcase the brotherhood, patriotism, and strength of the United States Army.
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  • Officially licensed screen printed transfers, available in packs of 12
  • Exclusive full front designs
  • Application instructions included
By federal law, licensing fees paid to the U.S. Army for the use of its trademarks provide support to the Army Trademark Licensing Program and net licensing revenue is devoted to U.S. Army Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs.
Screen Printed Designs
Screen Printed Transfers
Army Sound Off<br />#AR17726<br />12" x 14"
Army Sound Off
12" x 14"
Crawl Walk Run<br />#AR18040<br />12.5" x 13.5"
Crawl Walk Run
12.5" x 13.5"
Grungy Star<br />#AR18044<br />12" x 13.1"
Grungy Star
12" x 13.1"
Army Brother Tags<br />#ARPD18599<br />12" x 13"
Army Brother Tags
12" x 13"
Army Father Tags<br />#ARPD18600<br />12" x 13"
Army Father Tags
12" x 13"
Army Grandma Tags<br />#ARPD18601<br />8½" x 9½"
Army Grandma Tags
8½" x 9½"
Army Husband Tags<br />#ARPD18603<br />12" x 13"
Army Husband Tags
12" x 13"
Army Sister Tags<br />#ARPD18605<br />8½" x 9½"
Army Sister Tags
8½" x 9½"
Army Dad Flag<br />#ARPD18607<br />12½" x 11"
Army Dad Flag
12½" x 11"
Army Mom Flag<br />#ARPD18608<br />9" x 8"
Army Mom Flag
9" x 8"
Army Sister Flag<br />#ARPD18609<br />8½" x 8"
Army Sister Flag
8½" x 8"
Army Brother Flag<br />#ARPD18610<br />13" x 12"
Army Brother Flag
13" x 12"
Army Wife Flag<br />#ARPD18611<br />9" x 8"
Army Wife Flag
9" x 8"
Army Husband Flag<br />#ARPD18612<br />13" x 12"
Army Husband Flag
13" x 12"
Army Grandma Flag<br />#ARPD18613<br />9" x 8½"
Army Grandma Flag
9" x 8½"
Army Grandpa Flag<br />#ARPD18614<br />13" x 12"
Army Grandpa Flag
13" x 12"

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 variety packs
Reviewed by John Masters 10/3/2015 10:36:13 PM

I wish there was a pack of Army transfers that were 2 of each design.

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