Laser Heat Transfer Paper
Laser Heat Transfer Paper The low-cost, time-saving choice for transfer paper.

Quickly and inexpensively produce full color designs with your laser printer. All you need is a heat press to apply.

Instant full color transfers with no trimming.

Full color transfers in any quantity – on virtually any material.

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What model/brand Laser printer do I need to use your weed-free laser transfer paper (including the foils)?
The recommended fuser oil laser printers for ExactPrint laser transfer papers are located on the application instructions tech sheet.
I am not getting a full, clean (total?) transfer when applying the laser transfer. Some areas of small pinhead-sized spots have not transferred. What would most likely cause this?
If the issue is that the small detail is not being transferred from the paper, try increasing the pressure on your heat press.Sometimes small/pinhead sized detail can be lost in the thread/weave of a garment.

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