Inkjet Transfer Papers
Inkjet Transfer Papers Specially formulated for superior quality when used with an inkjet printer.

With an inkjet printer and inkjet transfer papers, you can offer short-run, full color printing with professional results.

Use any standard inkjet printer and inks to create full color transfers and simply use a heat press to apply.

InkTra transfers offer long wear and great washability, and can be applied to both light and dark fabrics as well as stretchable fabrics.

For use on white or light-colored garments.

For use on dark-colored garments.

Transfer paper with excellent stretch and rebound.

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I’m starting my own t-shirt company and I’m looking for the best quality transfer paper for an inkjet printer, both for light-colored and dark-colored garments as well as any type of garment. What do you recommend?
For use with inkjet or bubble jet printers, we recommend our InkTra® transfer paper product line. You may use our original InkTra for light colored cotton or polyester fabrics, Stretch for light colored cotton, polyester or Lycra®/Spandex fabrics and Opaque for dark colored cotton or polyester fabrics.

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